TAKITA  is an innovative School of the Frame Drum and Rhythms of the Orient, based in Poland and Germany.  Founded by Xenia Uranova in order to share the experiences, knowledge, abilities and competencies she has gained concerning the nature of rhythm and world musical traditions, as well as the techniques of frame drumming.

Xenia employs alternative methods in teaching rhythm and using elements of vocal yoga. She conducts workshops, trainings, and intensive outdoors sessions, drumming circles, sound meditations and musical isolation sessions. She has conducted many workshops in Poland, Russia and Germany. Her workshops take place in yoga centers, at alternative knowledge conventions, musical schools,  self development  festivals , shamanic fests and multicultural events (as well as other places with an interesting ambience).

are some of the oldest instruments in the world. The membrane stretched to the frames emits the lowest base tones, longest sounds and harmonic series. It has a simple form with big musical potential. The frame drum is also the oldest tool in the technology of consciousness change. It can be found in many corners of the world, in many musical traditions and cultures. From Asia, northern Russia, Europe, regions of the Mediterranean and Africa, to Latin America. From shamanic trances, rituals and folklore to classical music and modern jazz, from music therapy to dance.

During two days of intensive workshop we are going to meet with a frame drums, which are one of the oldest and archetypical instruments invented by our race. It’s existing since 6 t.y. b.c. – prehistoric times and Egyptians were listening it’s sounds over the rituals of fertility, in ancient Greece it was used for Dionysus cultivation. Till now the Shamans play drums to achieve the trance and contact with other worlds. In our times the frame drum is in prodigious boom position. Virtuoses are sharing old techniques of playing and develop a new. Luther’s reveal the secrets of building a frame drums. The long and deep sound of that rhythmic instrument can bring us to a very special point, where the heartbeat, breath and mind become one.


Is an entity in our nature, based on pulsation. It exists in our bodies, hearts and breathing. It appears in the vibration of atoms, in the cycles of the seasons, the ticking of a clock and the Earth’s orbit. There is no part of the creation, which does not contain rhythm. Everything has rhythm and when we are synchronized with it, life flows. Through rhythm you can find calm in chaos and harmony in disaccord.


  • Popularization of musical traditions from the East, Asia, the Mediterranean region and southern Africa
  • Learning and familiarizing techniques of playing frame drums.
  • The genesis and evolution of rhythm.
  • Music improvisation and rhythmic therapy.
  • Self education and self- development


  • regular group classes,
  • intensive outdoor workshops,
  • sound meditation and yoga rhythm with drums,
  • music education
  • integrated drumming circles

more about XENIA URANOVA

XENIA URANOVA IS  Russian, living in Poland. She is prarformer, musician, traveler, educator, musical therapy and voice yoga enthusiast as well as the founder of Poland’s 1st  school of the frame drum and rhythms of the Orient called TAKITA.  Xenia is also interested in philosophy, practices of the body and mind, as well as the principles of nature and other phenomena in society. She loves nature and endorses a holistic approach to life. .She take part in sustainable activities, learning about a herbal medicine, natural house buildings and networking between  such specialists .

Xenia’s biggest passion is one of the oldest, archetypical instruments on Earth- the frame drum. She learned about rhythm and music from world renowned drummers- masters of drumming from Israel, Iran, Turkey, Africa and India. She played in a traditional music ensemble on the island of Crete and took part in Ross Daly’s “Labyrinth Music Workshops”. Xenia is part of musical projects. She also plays during spiritual meetings, ceremonies and mediation sessions.


During the workshops we will develop the techniques of playing the frame drum, creating rhythms, rhythmic improvisation, methods of voice emission/liberation, synchronizing body and mind through group playing. We will also learn about the nature of rhythm and the role of pulsation in life, about the history and traditions of rhythm and about the something drums in the music of various cultures.

We inviting you in a magical journey through the rhythms and musical traditions.Come and explore the rich world of rhythms and unique sound of the frame drum! First timers and regulars are welcome!

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