Frame Drumming and Rhythm’s of teh Orient 2 days workshop by Xenia Uranova/ 25.-26.06/Berlin

Frame Drumming and Rhythm’s of teh Orient 2 days workshop by Xenia Uranova/ 25.-26.06/Berlin

Sa., 25.06.12-17 Uhr
S0., 26.06..11-16 Uhr

XENIA URANOVA presents authentic and alternative methods of working with rhythm, improvisation, breath and voice emission with using a frame drums and the Indian rhythmic methods. We inviting you in a magical journey through the rhythms and musical traditions. Come and explore the rich world of rhythms and unique sound of the frame drum!

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FOR HUM? Is dedicated to all, who are interested about self-exploring and creativity, who are interested in cultures, music traditions, who are fascinated by sound-therapy and music-healing, who teach rhythmic, or who work with body or dance.

>>>>>>> At this time we doing workshop for those, who know basic things and have experience with plaing a frame drum and would love to go deeper with a new techniques, rhythms and exercises.

-Finger gymnastic.
-Rhythmic structures and composing by Indian rhythmical singing method
-Writing notes
-Usage pause in a rhythm.
-Phrases, accents, Improvisation.
-Create own exercises for own training
-Play a few traditional rhythms from Middle East
-More techniques to invent for your playing.
-Odd and even rhythms.
-Switch the speed.
-Creating own rhythmic structures
-Make odd rhythmic (7,9 rhythms)
-Mix even odd and odd rhythms.
-Polyphonic composition in a circle, improvisation
-Jam session.

TAKITA FRAME DRUM SCHOOL is focused in teaching traditional world rhythms , frame drum techniques, rhythmic methods in music and vocal yoga elements. Mainly active in Germany and Poland.

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Venue:  time and palce-  all info on a privat mail

Course fee: ….is suggested donation per person with your own Framedrum & Transfer ……..before per person if you borrow a Framedrum & Transfer ……before

To reserve a place please apply via mail and transfer ……If you like, you can participate only in a one day, the price is……

There will be a waiting list in a case of cancellations. If you want to cancel the course, send me an e-mail . An administration fee of……… withheld. The remainder is returned. Do we have to cancel the course , you get the cost back already paid.

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