Frame Drumming and Rhythm’s of the Orient Intensive 2 days Workshop By Xenia Uranova/28-29.05/Berlin

Frame Drumming and Oriental Rhythm’s Intensive 2 days Workshop  By Xenia Uranova – TAKITA Frame Drum School/ 28-29.05/ Berlin

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XENIA presents authentic and alternative methods of working with rhythm, improvisation, breath and voice emission with using a frame drums and the Indian rhythmic methods. We inviting you in a magical journey through the rhythms and musical traditions.Come and explore the rich world of rhythms and unique sound of the frame drum!

This workshop is dedicated to all, who are interested about self-exploring and creativity, who are interested in cultures, music traditions, who are fascinated by sound-therapy and music-healing, who teach rhythmic, or who work with body or dance. First times and regulars are welcome!

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During two days of intensive workshop we are going to meet with a frame drums, which are one of the oldest and archetypical instruments invented by our race. It’s existing since 6 t.y. b.c. – prehistoric times and Egyptians were listening it’s sounds over the rituals of fertility, in ancient Greece it was used for Dionysus cultivation. Till now the Shamans play drums to achieve the trance and contact with other worlds. In our times the frame drum is in prodigious boom position. Virtuoses are sharing old techniques of playing and develop a new. Luthiers reveal the secrets of building a frame drums. The long and deep sound of that rhythmic instrument can bring us to a very special point, where the heartbeat, breath and mind become one. Everything has a rhythm and when you are in sync with these rhythms, life flows. Through rhythm you can find peace in chaos and harmony in discord.

1. History of the frame drum. Techniques and demonstration
2. The rhythm. Nature of rhythm
3. Basic technique for playing. Practice
4. Body-mind synchronization. Rhythm and breath
5. Base for voice emission
6. Voice emission and drumming. Improvisation in circle
7. Rhythmic structures and composing by Indian rhythmical singing method. Practice
8. Phrases, accents, Improvisation
9. Odd and non odd rhythms and basic rhythm patterns
10. Jam session

It is a hoop-shaped instrument with a width greater than its depth. It has a simple structure with strong musical potential. We find it in many parts of the world, many traditions and cultures. From Asia throughout north of Russia, Europe, mediterranean region, Africa until native American. From shamanic trances, rituals and folklore to classic music and modern jazz, from sound-therapy to dance.


The rhythm is the essence of our nature. He exists in our bodies, hearts, breathing. It exist in vibrations of atoms in the seasons cycles, ticking clock, earth orbit . There is no part of creation, which did not contain the rhythm. The drumming can become a very personal journey … When you find a balance and sense of security in relation with yourself. Through the connection with inner rhythm We open Transition To Unknown inner space.


Xenia is from Russia, she is frame drum artist, musician, lecturer, trainer, cultuur animator,yoga and sound-therapy enthusiast. She is inspired by the world’s musical traditions, from indigenous cultures to classical music of East. Xenia also explores issues of philosophy, bodily and mental practises, the functioning of nature and social phenomena. She love a nature and holistic way of being. Xenia’s biggest passion is one of the world’s oldest, archetypal instrument – frame drum. Xenia studied from world-known masters from Israel, Iran, Africa and India. She played in a traditional music band on the island of Crete, and also participated in workshops and regular meetings with Ross Daly “Labyrinth Music Workshops”. Xenia takes part in musical projects and plays for meditation sessions. She is the founder of the first „Frame Drums And Oriental Rhythms School“ in Poland.

TAKITA FRAME DRUM SCHOOL is focused in teaching traditional world rhythms , frame drum techniques, rhythmic methods in music and vocal yoga elements. Mainly active in Germany and Poland.

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Info & registration:

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Place:  Berlin. Coming soon…..

Course fee: is sugested donations  per person,  with your drum, ….  includes our frame drum . Registration and payment ( transfer) you  meke till  01.05.2015

After that date  price is ….,  if there  places and drums are left. There will be a waiting list in case of cancellations. If you like, you can participate only in second day program, if you been already on at first day program.

Please, notes that when having made the prepayment you should not be able to come to class, you can either transfer your fee to another person, who didn’t register before. Or have 50% of your payment returned. Let  to know min. 3 days before you cancel.

To reserve a place please apply via mail and transfer … The day of reservation is a day of trasfer.

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