Frame Drumming and Oriental Rhythms composing with vocal yoga elements by Xenia Uranova on SANKARA FESTIVAL / Switzerland/ 20-24 July 2016


Thi s workshop  I about self-exploring andcreativity, cultures, music traditions. Its forthose who are fascinated by sound-therapy and music-healing, who teach rhythmic, or who work with body or dance. , for those who want to learn about a big family of a Frame Drums.

XENIA URANOVA  ( Russia) –  is a musician, traveler, educator, musical therapy and voice yoga enthusiast . Xenia presents authentic alternative methods of working with rhythm, improvisation, breath and voice emission with using a frame drums and the Indian rhythmic method as alternative and intuitive tool to study a  rhythmic in music.   Xenia’s biggest passion is one of the world’s oldest, archetypalinstrument – frame drum. She studied from world-known masters from Israel, Iran, Africa and India. She conducts intensive  frame drum workshops, drumming circles, sound meditations ,musical events and playing a concerts.

Frame drum- is one of the oldest and archetypical instruments invented by our race,  has been a favorite of artists since the earliest cultures and has a pictorial history unmatched by any other drum .Till now the Shamans play drums to achieve the trance and contact with other worlds.. In our times the frame drum is in prodigious boom position.  The long and deep sound of that rhythmic instrument can bring us to a very special point, where the heartbeat, breath and mind become one. Everything has a rhythm and when you are in sync with these rhythms, life flows. Through rhythm you can find peace in chaos and harmony in discord.

The rhythm is the essence of our nature. He exists in our bodies, hearts, breathing. It exist in vibrations of atoms in the seasons cycles, ticking clock, earth orbit . There is no part of creation, which did not contain the rhythm. The drumming can become a very personal journey… When you find a balance and sense of security in relation with yourself.

Through the connection with inner rhythm We open Transition To Unknown inner space.

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