Frame Drumming and Oriental Rhythmic / Women circles /Feminists congress/ France, 24-30 of July 2016


Dear Women and sisters, Im  ( Xenia URANOVA) happy to invite you to international Woman feminist gathering in France, 24-30 of July 2016. My mission there is bringing a puls and make a music circles, gather a womens true a drummimg and sound. Second misison is to open discussion panel about sustainibility and comunitys living.

This event is a 5-day long feminist meeting in an « eco-domain, in Normandy aria. We will be able to discuss, learn and share our thoughts on feminist topics that are rarely discussed; attend talks or participate in creative workshops, open mic nights, and parties; simply walk among the greenery and relax; and, most importantly, meet feminists and lesbians from all over the world, particularly Europe and North Africa
See you there! XU