Frame Drumming and Oriental Rhythms composing with vocal yoga elements by Xenia Uranova / Boom festival 2016/ Portugal

Deer sound lovers, I’m happy to invite all of you to one of the most incredible festival in Erope- Boom festival in Portugal, august- 11-18.
The aim of this year is a shamanism.
My mission there is bringing a puls and make a music, gather a people true a drummimg and sound.

The gathering of the tribes, Boom is a celebration of Peace, Art, Sustainability, Visionary Culture, Love, Sacred Earth and the Art. At Boom music is sacred to. The dancefloors are temples where to transcend ordinary states of perception and the limitations of our egos. Through dance and music, we can reconnect
to our own individual divine essence.
It is the most ancient cartography to the invisible realms, when Man and Nature lived in tune,connected to the elements…in synch with the beating heart of the whole tribe.  The beating of the drum allows to achieve an altered state of consciousness or to travel on a journey between the physical & spiritual
worlds….see more: